44 class update

For those who questioned the Red Terror 44 Class colour scheme, you were correct about the inaccuracy, and after constant talks with the factory, they have admitted to making the error.

This has culminated with the Red Terror being recalled by the factory and all are being sent back; new bodies will be made and painted in the correct colour scheme for the Red Terror.

Those who have already purchased the Red Terror, please get in touch with us via email so we know who you are. You can keep your model now and when the replacements arrive from the factory, we will just do a straight swap of your "uniquely painted" version with the correct colour scheme.

Another issue that appeared is that when the factory included the 4 standoffs for mounting the buffer beams, they didn't realise that the front buffer beam required a different standoff from the rear one.

This factory error is also being corrected and the factory will send the front buffer beam standoffs along with the corrected Red Terror colour scheme loco's.

Once they have arrived, I will make everyone aware that we have received them, make sure you send me an email with how many you require so we can get them posted out to you.

Email us at Badgerbits@gmail.com

Just a reminder that the SSR colour scheme doesn't require any standoffs and is also the only loco in the 44 range that doesn't require numbering and is ready to roll.