Bulldog update

Regarding the comments on the locos, the locos were only painting samples and thanks for your input. Changes have to be made and they have been submitted to the factory, so we will see what comes back!

The changes were:

  1. grill highlights to be added to the B class like the S class
  2. Bernie Baker version is meant to have a silver fuel tank as per original artwork
  3. headlight sides to be painted body colour as per original artwork
  4. red line removed from staff exchanger on 42 class.

As for the comments about the B class colour scheme, one of the things that I had to do was make certain compromises because I was doing 4 different locos and wanted to contain the costs so the price did not have to rise. One of those compromises was the valance, it had to remain on and the same sideframe had to be used. Back to the paint scheme, I chose the second scheme as this was on the B class for a far longer time than the original. There is a whole lot of detail under the valance so if people want to take the valance off I will do some castings of the detail and supply it for minimal cost. The same applies to the sideframes, if people want the later sideframes I will also supply them for a small additional cost.

The cost of the Bernie Baker B class will be $270 as it cost $30 more to do because there was so much extra in the scheme and I am only doing 200 of them. The factory has a minimum of 500 per colour scheme otherwise it costs substantially more if you want less than 500.

As usual with Gopher locos (except special 1 off schemes), decals will be provided for your choice of number.

Also, if you require a name for the S or B class, I will supply upon request the name you want for the named locos  separately. I am looking for the font style so I can get it correct

The numbers available for sale of each loco are as follows:

  • 42 class - 375 for Indian Red, 100 Austerity plus 25 undecorated
  • B class 475 painted and 25 undecorated
  • S class 475 painted and 25 undecorated
  • GM class 475 painted and 25 undecorated

If a second run is required (if first run is sold out) I am considering 500 of each, but this time:

  • 42 class - 300 Indian Red + 200 of 125th
  • S class - 300 V Line + 200 SSR
  • B class - 290 V Line + 10 Orange scheme + 200 SSR
  • GM - 300 Green and Yellow + 200 SSR