New model news!!!

Great news, the 38 class in both streamlined and standard versions are available again with a Kato chassis. When ordering please state which colour you are doing and which number as the decals are individually numbered. The price is $375 + p&p
The 422 class is being released on the 1st of October as a kit, including one piece body and the reliable Gopher Models chassis from the 42, S, B and GM. The price will be $240. Decals that have been produced so far are Indian Red, ARG, Freight Rail, NRR. Other schemes in preparation are Candy, Bicentennial, Reverse, CFCLA and Austrak.  Lyndons Trains is doing a conversion for the side mounted aircon access and ditch lights.
The 73 class kit is getting very close, price to be decided.
More great news is that the 48 class will be rerun from the factory in China, but in different colour schemes to what has already been available. There will be an older colour scheme plus more modern schemes.
To order please email us through