RAAF recruitment train special

Available now, and running at "Twenty Three" which is next to the BadgerBits/Gopher Models stand, is the RAAF Recruiting Train.

The book Coaching Stock of the NSW Railways, Volume 2, (Eveleigh Press), page 45, describes the trains as follows:

Mansard-roofed end platform car set 25 (G.G. Hudson, contract 12/96) was chosen in 1940 for use as the Royal Australian Air Force recruiting train. When outshopped on 10 September 1940 it was divided into two three-car sets, painted sky blue with the RAAF roundel on the right-hand end panel and on the side of end car. ‘RAAF Recruiting Train’ was painted along the three carriages. Seats were removed and the cars divided into waiting, interview, and medical test rooms. A 9.7bhp (7.5kW) Southern Cross electric generating plant was installed in each guard’s compartment. Set 25A 2 was returned by the RAAF in April 1941. Lavatories were fitted on August 1941. Set 25B continued in used with the Air Force until February 1942. Seating was restored and the cars fitted with lavatories in March 1942 and the set was reunited. It was not remarshalled and the first class cars were 2 and 5.

You can purchase the FO carriages, paint and decals from the BadgerBits/Gopher Models stand.