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Ready-to-run (RTR) model of the NSWGR 48 Class (Alco export model DL531) Co-Co diesel electric locomotive.

Also South Australian Railways (SAR) and Australian National (AN) 830 Class.

Note: DCC ready to fit decoder TCS Z2

Power Unit Alco 251C
Traction horsepower 900hp
Starting tractive effort 49,500 lbs
Continuous tractive effort 40,200 lbs
Weight 70t later NSW units 74.5t

NSWGR 48 Class came in 4 body variations:

  1. Mk1: 4801 - 4845 (3 orders 4801-4820, 4821-4830, 4831-4845). The 3rd order is (panel wise) the same as the Mk2 and the configuration of the 830 class is the same as this batch.
  2. Mk2: 4846-4885
  3. Mk3: 4886-48125
  4. Mk4: 48126-48165